Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

First Impressions of 'Wrath of the Fallen'

'Wrath of the Fallen' is a decent debut novel.

The plot is too slow to start which is the book's only major problem. The first few chapters are spent on introducing characters and concepts. This is mostly done in a competent way, though there are a few unnecessary bits of very forwards exposition along the way.

The slow start is not improved by the fact that were are told about a lot of awesome things, like cathedrals burning down, angels dying in battle, demons and paladins fighting, and of war among the gods, but are shown preciously little of it. There are some interesting ideas here and the execution is competent, but the pacing of the beginning is simply too slow. The adventure plot promised in the description, which could and should have started on page one, takes several chapters to take off.

The writing is competent and the characters introduced are few and memorable which eases over the occasional infodump and helps coping with the slow pace.

If you enjoy the concept of war between angels and demons in the aesthetic of Christian mythology or the Might and Magic universe, you should enjoy 'Wrath of the Fallen'.

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