Montag, 23. Mai 2016

First Impressions of Talindor's Guest

The plot in Talindor's Guest is slow to take off, since neither Traveler nor the dragon are well-established characters before the storytelling begins. Traveler's conflict with the dragon serves as a framing device for several short stories. Not much is established about Traveler in the beginning, which makes it difficult to care about his fate.

The plots and characters of the stories told by Traveler are hit or miss. Some have engaging premises, but all suffer under the weight of exposition. They don't read like short stories or fairy tales, as one might expect based on the framing device, but like the beginning of (exposition-heavy) fantasy novels. Often there are too many characters, places, and events crammed into one story without a concise plot or defining traits to make them memorable.

The style is competent for the most part, though a lot of words and phrases are repeated too often. A lot of the dialogue serves purely as exposition and many descriptions are overburdened with adjectives. The reader is told a lot and shown little.

The book does deliver on the promise of dragons, though. If you have a craving for dragons, enjoy short fantasy stories, and flowery descriptions, you should give Talindor's Guest a try.

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