Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

First Impression of 'Ours is the Storm'

'Ours is the Storm' attempts a lot of interesting things but has problems with the execution.

The start of the plot is delayed by a redundant two-page prologue that expects you to remember six Fantasy names with little context. It kicks in fast enough after that, though. Amnesia is used as a device to start the plot which may cause some eye-rolling. However, there is an attempt to put a twist on the amnesia formula which is one of the many valiant attempts the book makes.

Sadly, the exposition is very blunt, encouraged by the amnesia. The reader is told almost everything about the characters, their motivation, and the world in the form of remember-this-dialogue. While this may be a convenient way to pull off the deception of the main character, it also cripples the book. The protagonist starts out with very little personality and it's hard to be interested in his fate when his sudden badassery kicks in. Up to this point, he has just been a blank slate to be filled by exposition dialogue and has no memorable traits.

If you are looking for stories that revolve around manipulation and deception of the protagonist and perhaps the reader, you may have a good time with 'Ours is the Storm'.

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