Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

First Impressions of 'The Spectra Unearthed'

'The Spectra Unearthed' attempts a lot of great things but struggles with the execution.

The plot starts off fast and with a chase scene. What is attempted here is to draw the reader into the action. However, the chase is over so fast and the reader is shown so little of the threat that no real tension builds. Instead of being shown why the enemy is dangerous, we are merely presented with an antagonist and told about how he represents a danger.

A lot of the exposition takes the form of as-you-know dialogue. Particularly the main antagonist seems to enjoy explaining the workings of this world to his enemy. The attempts at worldbuilding are hobbled by this rather unfortunate execution. A lot of the exposition feels rushed as if it was of dire importance to get all of the information on this world's magic and political system across in the first few chapters. I feel that the story as a whole would have benefited a lot from focusing more on the chase and doing all the worldbuilding in the process of that.

After reading for an hour I'm not yet able to assign any personality traits to the two female lead characters.

If you are looking for Fantasy that features female protagonists and can tolerate a few misses in the execution you should check out 'The Spectra Unearthed'.

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